It’s Their Tails!

I honestly have no idea why people think that rat tails are so horrible. I took an informal poll of some co-workers and several said they didn’t like rats because of their tails.

Rat tails are soft, with a very fine covering of fur. When they are young, the fur is much like down and only as they grow older does the fur on their tails start to get coarser.

If you run your fingers from the body to the tip of the tail you will find it smooth and relatively soft, and depending on the age of your rat, running your fingers in the opposite direction will range from peach fuzz to stubble-like.

Neither of which is disturbing, well perhaps the stubbly feeling, but that’s much like me before I shave.

Rat are also quite interesting to see how they use their tails. I’ve seen them use their tails as a balance beam when walking across narrow ledges; a fifth “paw” when climbing; a sign of agitation, or excitement when wagged or shaken quickly; a built-in pillow when sleeping; and, I’m sure there are even more uses that the little ones have for them, these are just some that come to mind quickly.

Just some thoughts on the subject …

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