They’re So Cute!

It’s not like I haven’t heard that phrase before from Mrs. Rattitude, but she certainly was right like so many times in the past. We had returned to the “big box” pet store where our first adopted rats came from, Ratchet and Chamie. This is also the same place Casper, Trekkie, Angel and Charlie were adopted from, too.

We had been avoiding the store due to some misunderstanding that we finally sorted out. We now visit every couple of weeks to see who’s new and pick up a few items that we have trouble finding other places for our pets.

Yesterday, as we were out and about, we stopped in to pick up some food for our cats and some treats for our “little ones” (aka our rats). We wandered over to the Small Animals section of the store. The store had undergone extensive renovations since our visits in the past and I now quite enjoy our visits to the store again. The store now keeps both males and females, where in the past they only kept males.

In the upper “cage” laying on top of a ferret exercise ball hung from the ceiling were two young rats. You could tell they were young as their fur was still in it’s “fuzzy” stage, and as best I could tell they were the only two in the cage. We tracked down an employee and double checked the gender of these little cuties … yes, they were female. Unfortunately we just couldn’t take them home with us … we wouldn’t be able to place them with our other females as the living area at home is a good size for Serena and Samantha, but it would be cramped to add two more.

We always try to adopt our pets in twos, especially our rats. Rats are very social animals and enjoy a much more healthier lifestyle when they have at least one companion in their living area. We adopt two at a time to help insure there will be constant companionship for the rats as they will typically be the same age when we adopt them.

I always recommend that potential rat fanciers always adopt at least two (or more) when they first start out. Besides the possible initial cost of adoptions, the cost to house, feed, clean, etc. is minimally different for one more little mouth BUT the amount of love returned and entertainment that the rats provide together is immeasurable.

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