An Uneventful Adventure and Colors

Last night our inspection went quickly and well. Of course I’m sure Serena may not have been overly impressed with us disturbing her nest once again.

Her babies are doing well. Their coloration is starting to show through their pink skin. Two appear to be taking after their mother with the dark on top, light on bottom Berkshire style markings. The third one seems almost completely without marking, so we are expecting a standard hooded style.

Serena is keeping the babies in a very large nest. It takes up nearly half of the bottom part of the cage. There is a mixture of tissues, paper towels, and pot holder pillows. As well as pieces of fleeces and felt Serena has gathered from other parts of the girls habitat, mostly from where Sammy has set up her “home” on the top level.

The night passed with relatively little incident except for a thumping scratching noise that woke me up very early. I turned on the bedside light and looked down on the floor. The noise sounded like a rat hitting a box, not quite making it to the top and sliding down the side. This is usually a trick of the boys, but today it was Samantha.

There she was, just her nose and her eyes peeking out from under the dresser that the boys habitat sits on. She seemed nervous, but not actually afraid. I got down on the floor with her and tried to coax her out the front. That was not going to work, and since there is barely an inch of clearance at the front my arm was not going to fit through to bring her out.

I finally had to move the dresser and boys habitat out from the wall. Turning the whole thing on a corner left me room to get behind and limited Sammy’s escape routes. I reached in to pull her out but she got away and ran around the far side of the dresser. This is fine as there really wasn’t any where for her to get to. I blocked her return route then reached moved around front and then reaching blindly down beside the dresser carefully picked her up.

I placed Sammy on the bed and she did a little run around and buried herself in the blankets. Being 5:30AM I thought this would be an opportunity to give the girls some extra play time so I found Serena, looking at us as though she knew all about Sammy’s adventure, waiting on the edge of the platform. I placed Serena on the bed with Sammy and they had some free time as I dozed for about a half hour or so.

The boys were woke up by their big move earlier, so I placed the girls back in their home, Serena first, then Sammy. It was time for some early morning exercise for the boys. They got about the same amount of time as the girls did before I put them back up and went back to sleep.

Anytime is playtime for these little ones, with or without human intervention … I look forward to the new babies being able to join in the fun with the adults.

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