Eyes Wide Open

OK … eyes mostly open. Last night all three of Serena’s babies had their eyes fully open. Not open like adult rats, but completely open all the same.

I believe we have correctly sexed the babies, so let this be the formal introduction of Sweet Pea, our newest little girl; and, Bruiser and Dash, our newest little boys.

Sweet Pea is just simply adorable. Bruiser is a rambunctious little rat and shows little regard for himself or his siblings as he charges about in the cage, or on the bed, or anywhere else for that matter. Dash is going strong and picking up speed as he races across the bed when we have them out for their free range time.

Sweet Pea seems to be progressing the fastest at the moment, walking on almost completely straight legs. Dash is next in the stability department with Bruiser following closely behind.

Serena is doing well, even starting to put on a little weight. She was starting to look very thin until we added some human toddler baby food into the girls diet. Sammy and Serena share a small bowl of baby food for a late breakfast. Serena seems to be taking the larger share, and Sammy seems to be holding her weight steady, so all things considered this is working out well.

The big boys (Teetu, Inky, Jeremy, Nibblett, Frank and Gordon) get their fair share of baby food as well in another bowl in the boys habitat.

The babies will be two weeks old tonight … now what exactly do you get for a two week old rat?!

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