This post only had a few seconds of display at mischief.rmca.org … they cannot remove it from here! It was my reply to this locked thread.

Given that the original thread was locked I am forced to reply here as I do not believe these points are salient in private messages.

LeesaLogic wrote:
Atticus, if you are responsible–and I’m not saying you aren’t–then you won’t risk your sweet ratties to harm by moving to Alberta. (The bold type is my emphasis.)


Now that is a more appropriate comment, thank you for seeing something of my points.

LeesaLogic wrote:
Once again, thanks to your antagonism, this thread is going no where. If you want to fight with me, you can take it to PMs. Otherwise, further unhelpful, antagonistic comments will be strictly moderated.


I’m getting the distinct impression you are threatening to personally moderate each and every one of my posts … now that is being singled out!

LeesaLogic wrote:
You make no secret that you don’t like RMCA moderatorship and this time around I seem to be your target. Do you think your antagonism is really helpful to the atmosphere?


It’s not that I do not like RMCA moderatorship, I don’t appreciate some of the moderatorial comments that are made. IMHO, all posts by a moderator, any moderator, are a reflection of the forum, it’s ideals, it’s general membership, and last but not least it’s owners.

IF you consider my “Devil’s Advocate” (Dictionary.com has a clear definition) stances, as I originally prefaced my involvement in the “Baytril” thread, to be antagonistic … then yes, I believe it is helpful, the idea is to bring about an open discussion.

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