It’s About Time …

Life is much too busy at times …

… and once again I will go into a rambling update.

The boys are now housed in a double FN and in a triple FN. Frank and Jeremy have the double. Teetu, Inky, Gordon and Frank, Dash and Bruiser have the triple. We expect to add more soon, but that’s another topic … The boys were separated due to constant bickering. We believe we found the best combination versus living space with our current set up.

The girls have been moved into different housing as well. Serena now has a double FN. Sweet Pea is living in the large wire pet store cage. Sammy and Aly are living in a My First Home Extra-Large Ferret cage. There will be additions here, too … The girls are living apart for much the same reason, but we think we know what their fighting was all about (with reference to other topic *wink, wink*)

We also felt if best to move the boys into another room, away from the girls. I’ve read in several places that some rat keepers have no issues with males and females in separate cages being kept in the same room, but it sure has quieted down with all our rats since we moved the boys into their own room. I guess it all depends on the rats and the rooms.

We’re looking at trying a new block food as well. With all the mouths we felt it was time to look into block food as well as our homemade diet. If the blocks are successful, we may phase out or simply use the homemade diet as a supplement.

While I’m thinking about it … Ferret Nation (FN) cages are exactly that, Ferret cages. Please let me say that these are great cages and serve well as rat habitats, but you have to be careful and work with your rats so they understand not to slip through the bars. Males can get through the bars at least up to 12 weeks and even a female adult will get through the bars, granted she must be determined and let me tell you, Serena is one determined rat!

That’s the basics … on to the next topic …

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