You Have How Many Rats?

They are accidents … really, they truly are.

Let’s start with Serena. If I haven’t mentioned before how determined she is, let me tell you now … this girl has a serious stubborn determination! We learned a little too late that we could not have both male and female habitats “open-door”. We thought we had the whole situation sorted out … boys on one side of the room, girls on the other. Well, we were wrong!

Best Mrs. Rattitude and I can figure this out is Serena jumped from the girls habitat to the chair, then to the bed, then through the open door on the second level of the Ferret Nation cage the boys live in.

When I woke in the morning and made my usual check on the rats, there was Serena with a train of male rats. Now, I’m no rat breeder, far from it … I’m not even well read on the subject, yet but it sure seems that several of the boys had their turn with Serena.

Serena gave birth to 16 babies on June 22, 2007. She “lost” one each of the first three days, but there are now 13 healthy, rambunctious little rat babies running around with her in the double FN.

Next, Gordon’s litters … yes, litter with an “s”. Gordon not to be outdone by his cagemates and unfortunately to our chagrin found his way from the boys FN to the girls habitat. Yes, hindsight being 20/20 we should have learned. We definitely know better now! Serena was already pregnant so I guess he didn’t bother her, but Sammy, Sweet Pea and little Aly were not.

Sammy’s litter. Sammy did not have a very good preganancy. Our best guess is it was on the long side, about 23 days and her litter was “small” with only one surviving. We named the survivor WiiOne … or WeeOne … spelling is still up in the air. WiiOne was born June 29, 2007.

Next, Sweet Pea … did I mention hindsight being 20/20 … we’re not positive but Gordon made at least three trips to the girls habitat in a short period of time. We actually saw Gordon being launched out the door of the boys habitat, by Frank, and watched as he casually trotted over to the girls habitat and climbed up an intricate path to their living area. I honestly believe they were working together on this and also believe that Gordon would find his way back to the boys habitat when he was ready to. We didn’t wait to find out, we scooped up Gordon and put him in with the other boys and put the FN doors back on the cage.

Sweet Pea gave birth to nine babies on June 30, 2007 … her litter is near to perfect. They always stay in the nest, and they never cry. They appear to be quite healthy and have strong apetites, not quite as energetic as Serena’s litter, but we are still quite pleased given how young Sweet pea is (about 3 months).

We were very concerned for Sammy and Sweet Pea once we realized they were pregnant. Sammy for her age of close to one year and being her first (and only) litter. Sweet Pea again for her age being so young. We feel very fortunate that both mothers are doing just fine. Sammy had us a little worried at first but WiiOne is doing great and Sammy has taken Aly as an adopted daughter too.

BTW, Aly did not get pregnant … or better said, did not have a litter. Whether or not she was pregnant is a subject for another topic …

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