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Here, There, Everywhere …

How many places can one post to and still not come across themself?

I guess quite a few … so, that being the case I felt it was important to try and spread the good word on rats in more areas than here.

You may have arrived here from, this is just one site I have for spreading the news about rats.

Then there is, the official Rattitude forums. Mrs. Rattitude and myself take care of the administration of these forums and we are quite happy to have “spazrats” come on board as the Holistic moderator.

I try to stop every day at Yahoo!Answers and see if there is anything I can help with in the Pets – Rodent section … or anywhere else that I may be of some help.

I’ve taken up the editor position at for Pet Rats, here is a direct link: I try to keep the news to rat relevant items, but sometimes the article may just simply be pet related as rats are pets, too.

Of course I also frequent several other rat forums, such as ONRMCA, GooseMoose, and I often still read the forums at RMCA (although I will not post there until their management contacts me directly).

I’m … here, there, and everywhere. forums will officially open to the public August 1, 2007.

I look forward to seeing constructive information being shared respectfully.

First hand experiences are the key to learning, at least in my humble opinion, and that will be a cornerstone to the community at

Sharing, communicating clearly, respectful discussions in all topics … perhaps I expect a lot, but I do not think it too much to ask. and its forums are all about pet rats. The promotion and positive education that can be provided to help those that have not discovered these wonderful companion animals for what they are … small furry bundles of love.