Christmas Pets Are Forever, Too!

Every year I often wonder how our furry friends will fare … as much as the Christmas season is one of giving, sometimes the giving is not a good thing.

It is with good intentions that people gift a “pet” to another person, but it is also an unfortunate fact that this pet could then be given to a shelter, or a humane society, or God forbid … Mother nature, or the fates … which brings me to today’s quote:

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
~~ Mahatma Gandhi

This is not just about pets, but it has always served as a reminder to me to treat them as well as possible … and be well aware of a new pet’s future enviroment.

May all those who have taken a new pet into their lives and homes this holiday season enjoy the love and joy they will bring … and may those unable to tend to these defenseless animals make every effort to see to their well being in a home that will care for them as they so innocently deserve.

A Happy Holiday Season to all creatures great and small.

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