Happy New Year of the Brown Rat!

The year 2008 brings us the New Year of the Rat, and if you follow the Chinese horoscope you will see that it is an Earth year as well.

The Earth adds solidity to the Rat’s personality. An Earth Rat is conventional and a good achiever who likes to establish roots early in order to make a secure future for himself and his family. These Rats have the typical Rat ingenuity and mental capacity, but a strong sense of reality often alludes them preventing them from going after anything that could be impromptu. Earth Rats are honorable and love to be stabilized. Slowly and steadily acquiring wealth gives them a sense of inner peace. Although they are capable of being stingy with their finances, they do possess warm feelings for their family and friends.~~ as borrowed from here

The Japanese are observing January 1, 2008 as the beginning of the Year of the Rat to coincide with western calendars. The Chinese are recognizing February 4, 2008 as the actual beginning of the Year of the Brown Rat. The Chinese New Year Day exact time is at 11:44 on 07-Feb-08 in China time zone (more details can be read here).

May the year 2008 bring everyone times of prosperity, health, happiness, and love, especially for and from our little furry friends … our rats.

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