Open Questions to Harlan-Teklad

Harlan-Teklad arguably manufactures one of the best, if not the best, rodent diets available. I use the word available very loosely here as it is not sold, to the best of my knowledge, in a retail environment approved by Harlan-Teklad.

The big-box pet stores do not sell it; feed stores do not sell it; small independent pet shops do not sell it; and, yet it still makes it way into the homes and mouths of pet rats throughout North America.

There are great organizations that have managed to create a service to their “customers” so they are able to provide this best in market food. There are great individuals that go out of their way to help others acquire this manna for their “babies”.

I find it truly amazing that there is a major distribution center for Harlan-Teklad diets (and other products?) less than 10 minutes drive from where I live, yet I cannot find anywhere that sells it. Granted this diet was designed for laboratory rats, but it is the best food I can feed to my rats, IMHO. I see no reason why I should want anything less than the best.

So, I ask these questions:

Why is it, with a market that is readily available, a manufacturer would create a selling practice to practically exclude sales from a specific sector? This sector shows one of the fastest growing spending metrics in current retail trends. (*Hint: Pet related purchases, especially premium items.)

Why, after many years, would a manufacturer decide that a product made on a regular production schedule would require it’s minimum purchase to be increased 10 times?

These questions are only two that I am asking, but throughout the Internet on various forums and other postings similar questions are being posed. Rat keepers and other rodent aficionados are trying to develop plans of action to meet these extreme measures the manufacturer apparently is applying to a great product.

Again, I ask: Why?

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