When a "Sale" Price is More Not Less

It seems the french have it right … it seems a particular Canadian “big-box” retail furniture store’s name, in french, is a four-letter word, and I think I know why.

OK, so this isn’t really rat related, but I’ve stewed on this long enough and something needs to be said. Mrs.Rattitude and I were looking to buy a small freezer, not just for our own uses, but also to use for stock-piling some dry foods for our little ones … this would lead to another ponderance about Harlan-Teklad, but not in this particular blogging.

We were shopping online at the various big-box and larger department style stores near were we live to get an idea for prices. We checked all of the ones we could think of and found a relative small range of prices, but when we heard that our french four-letter word store was have a big sales event (for at least this week) I decided to check the price again thinking: Great! I’m good to buy something from this “Canadian” store and it just so happens that I work for a company that supplies equipment to the freezer’s manufacturer as well so this would be a great win-win scenario all around.

Well, it ain’t gonna happen!!!

I checked the prices on the retailer’s web site. I saw they actually raised their prices 10 percent then put them on “sale” by taking 10 dollars off, so I would actually have to pay 20 percent more to buy the particular freezer on sale now!

If for no other reason than this, I have no intention to even window shop online at this retailer ever again, nor will I ever venture into one of their supposed SuperStores, again … and I “could throw a stone and hit one” from where I work.

Since I cannot condone this kind of business practice I will make sure to tell everyone I know how this french four-letter word store sets “sales” prices … with this specific example.

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