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Do 3 Girls a Rescue make?

IMHO, no …

An animal rescue is a person, or a group, or an organization that for no benefit to themself takes in animals with the distinct and fully acknowledged thought, deed, and plan of action to re-home these rescued animals. This is a definitive distinction. One cannot call themself a rescue if they are not making the efforts to rehome these animals.

Do our newest additions to our mischief make us a rescue, I would say no. We have no intent in thought or deed to rehome these sweet little girls. They have found their forever home with us.

Would I say that we rescued these girls, yes I would, but not in the sense that they needed to be saved. I feel quite confident that their original keepers were providing for them to the best of their abilities and they simply recognized that was not going to be enough. They thought nothing of the expenses of pet keeping, it apparently had no bearing whatsoever on their decision to rehome these girls.

I feel extremely lucky to be able to take in these girls and gain the additional benefits of a great modified habitat that they were living in, and as we learn from rat keepers in our global community we are learning many things we will be addressing which includes the possible addition of two of our resident rats to the new girls home.

3 New Girls in our Home

How much furor can be created by adopting 3 pretty little female hooded rats?

Hmmm … let’s see …

It was a nice drive, even if the weather wasn’t the greatest. The neighborhood we ended at was nice and the family that gave into our care the three girls were very nice and quite friendly.

Was it odd that we were offered to take in three healthy, alert, young females and a rat friendly modified Ferret Nation for free? Yes.

Do we believe there is more to the story than we were told? Most likely.

If one, or two, or all three are pregnant will we be able to provide for their needs? Yes.

Did we actively go looking to adopt three more girls and get a free Ferret Nation? No.

Quite honestly the ad for the girls was pointed out to us on a forum we do not feel welcome at. It became apparent almost immediately that their typical rhetoric would once again discourage someone from making a good decision. As we followed the ensuing posts we saw that someone needed to make an effort in contacting the original keeper and offer to help.

We did not expect to be offered the girls and the Ferret Nation, but we accepted.

We did not expect to be vilified and accused falsely on the forum we found the ad at but it did not surprise us, although some of the individual comments did.

How much furor can be created by adopting 3 pretty little female hooded rats?

Preparing a temporary cage to house the girls for a few hours? 15 minutes.
Re-assembling the Ferret Nation? 60 minutes.
Re-attaching, adjusting the modifications and ensuring a secure habitat? 60 minutes.
Adding bedding, hammocks, food, water and toys? 30 minutes.

Providing a safe, loving home? Timeless.