Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Does the spirit know to continue on by itself?  Does the soul know when the time to loose its mortal coil has arrived?  These are questions, amongst many, that are asked when times are hardest on the sick and their caregivers, on all of us and our pets.

We keep going, that is just what we do.  We strive to live; it is in our very nature to continue to breath.  This is not a conscious thought process but something instilled by nature itself.

Do we have the right to choose when another soul should be set free? I do not believe anyone can truly make that decision, but we are still burdened with the choice all the same. We are given into our care the animals of this earth and it is their health and well being that is our responsibility.

How much must we care? Enough.  How many times will our hearts be broken? More. Can we continue with our efforts and our actions? How can we not? When our hope flags and our resolve weakens, we seek help fom our friends, from our peers, from all our resources.

Pray, even if you don’t believe; hope, even if the future is dim; and believe in the power of positive thought.

Faith, hope, and charity.

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