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A New Comic

I do not remember the last time I actually read a complete comic book.  Sure, I flip through some of the animated novels at Chapters, and I’ll often rifle a stack of comic books at a garage sale, but I haven’t bought an actual comic in years.

I use to visit with my grand-parents when I was much younger staying for summer vacation.  It was a small town and had pretty much small town activities for youngsters, which is to say not a whole lot for someone visiting for the summer and awkwardly shy around new people.  That’s changed over the years and I think with those changes I may have lost some of the innocent pleasures of my youth, like running uptown as soon as the one and only book store would open to buy the new super-sized comic book.

I remember reading Batman, and Thor, and more I do not remember now. The comic books were half as tall as I was, or so I remember them, and it really was exciting.  They really were super-sized, and I have not seen them since.  Perhaps my memory is exagerating their size, but they were truly much larger than the typical comic books of today.

Which brings me to a little bit of rat comic book news.

The first issue of “Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails” hits stands November 26 from IDW Publishing.

Here is a link to the web site for Pirat Tales: with the first few pages from the up-coming new comic.

I can sense that old feeling of being excited about running downtown to the book store …

One By One

I often wonder how people will react to the idea of keeping rats as family pets.  I use the plural form here, because simply put, I have no intention of even having a single rat.  Of course keeping to this intent would also mean never again being without rats in my life. I’m good with this idea, or better said, ideal.

Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.
~~ Charles Mackay

One can only hope that headway is being made into educating others to the benefits of pet rats. It often appears the historical poor reputation of the rat has given to, in most cases, an irrational dislike that approaches a near panicked fear in some individuals; and, as I see it we are responsible for communicating to these people that rats are an intelligent, clean, gentle pet that would rival the so-called “traditional” family pets.

One by one, more and more people are learning about and taking a more reasoned view of rats as pets.  This is thanks to all the rat communities that exist in general; and, to all the people that have, or have had, or just simply support the keeping of rats as pets.

More Comics

Some new comics I found today.  I don’t think they are really new, but I just found them today when I went searching at

I find the Overboard comic interesting in that I recently read it is a comic about a dog on a ship of pirates, yet there seems to be a significant underlying rat theme …

This Lio strip is brand new to me.  Mr. Tatulli does seem to have an interesting take on things.

A New Look

It seemed time to shakes things up a bit so I thought why not a new look.  Regular visitors may have noticed the subtle changes as we had the static web site converted over to a WordPress installation; and, since we chose WordPress we also imported all of theBrux blog posts that were made at BlogSpot.

I also just recently finished converting the last of the legacy articles and “fixed” up the menus so all the links point to the correct pages.

We appreciate everyone’s patience with the change-over and look forward to more future regular readers.  Remember, it’s free and easy to get involved; just register and you will be able to add your comments to the pages and posts we make. We will be looking forward to your input.

Also, letting the rat out of the bag so to speak, look for more articles and blogs from more authors … soon.


A tempest is rising and better the devil you know. When the storm breaks, as is nature’s way, it is always best if you can see the horizon before the cresting waves.

Reveal not every secret you have to a friend, for how can you tell but that friend may hereafter become an enemy. And bring not all mischief you are able to upon an enemy, for he may one day become your friend.

An apt quote to sum up a simple philosophy: bring no harm to others and have others bring you no harm.  That does not mean to simply let the storm wash you away in its bellowing winds, but more along the lines of securing the homefront and preparing for what could be an unwarranted, but long expected onslaught.

If the foundation is solid then the future is assured, and the strength of the community will bare witness to the storms and weather whatever they bring.

I say, Storm On Tempest! Then back to your teapot where you belong.