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Pet Rat Barred

I believe every rat deserves a proper education.  There is no reason they should be segregated or forced to be home-schooled.  I claim racial injustice on behalf of rats everywhere.

Just kidding … well, not really … the point  is well said with this quote from the article:

I don’t understand why he is not being allowed to take his pet in school, his friend has taken in a hamster in before now.

I may have a biased opinion, but rats are much more social and tolerate handling by strangers a lot better than a hamster would.  A true hands-on experience for the show-and-tell study with a pet rat would have much more of an impact than just being near forced to only watch a hamster in a cage.

This is not the first time I have made light of this school decision, and I will likely write on similar cases as I come across them.

Educate our rats … and our teachers, too!

Pet rat barred from classroom (From The Bolton News)

Rats Are Not Arsonists

Flaming Pet Rat Starts Fire, Damages Titusville Home – News Of The Strange Story – WFTV Orlando

This is NOT the fault of the pet rat!!!  Please read the whole story to see the real person responsible for this.  Sensationalistic journalism is such a poor excuse for finger-pointing reporting.

Maybe the strange sells newspapers, or gains advertising revenues, but this is simply a case of very poor inebriated judgement.  The real culprit of this story is the supposed pet rat keeper, and as far as I am concerned that situation should be very closely reviewed by the local SPCA.

I Came. I Saw. I Voted.

Did anything really change? No.

I see no real difference with the current state of affairs with the Canadian government than what it was prior to the October 14, 2008 general election.

I really didn’t expect the election to have any effect or create any significant change.  The Conservative Party remained in power, and remained as a minority government. The Liberal Party continued to lose support but still managed to retain the second largest amount of elected representatives.  The Bloc Quebecois, the NDP, et al. should still be removed from the national stage as far as I am concerned, but once again they remain, if for nothing else, as spoilers.

I read a voluntary poll showing over 80% of voters had already decided on their vote prior to any campaigning by any of the parties involved.  Did the tax payers really need to foot the bill for yet another election that essentially maintained the status quo?

I came. I saw. I voted.



Everyone Needs a Home

Sometimes there are special animals that need a home, and as a supporter of the Toronto Human Society (THS) I receive emails about the goings on at their facilities.

Recently they have released for adoption two special needs animals, one a dog that has found a new home, and a two month old kitten that still needs a new home.

From the THS:

Regis was sadly stepped on accidentally by either an animal or a human, we are unsure, although we have been told by his previous owner that he was stepped on by another cat when he was very young (about 2 weeks). His rear legs are completely paralyzed from the accident. Now at two months, he is just starting in the cart. Although Monty seems to excel at the cart a little better, Regis is still young and still learning.

… and a YouTube video of this precious little cat: