I Came. I Saw. I Voted.

Did anything really change? No.

I see no real difference with the current state of affairs with the Canadian government than what it was prior to the October 14, 2008 general election.

I really didn’t expect the election to have any effect or create any significant change.  The Conservative Party remained in power, and remained as a minority government. The Liberal Party continued to lose support but still managed to retain the second largest amount of elected representatives.  The Bloc Quebecois, the NDP, et al. should still be removed from the national stage as far as I am concerned, but once again they remain, if for nothing else, as spoilers.

I read a voluntary poll showing over 80% of voters had already decided on their vote prior to any campaigning by any of the parties involved.  Did the tax payers really need to foot the bill for yet another election that essentially maintained the status quo?

I came. I saw. I voted.



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