Pet Rat Barred

I believe every rat deserves a proper education.  There is no reason they should be segregated or forced to be home-schooled.  I claim racial injustice on behalf of rats everywhere.

Just kidding … well, not really … the point  is well said with this quote from the article:

I don’t understand why he is not being allowed to take his pet in school, his friend has taken in a hamster in before now.

I may have a biased opinion, but rats are much more social and tolerate handling by strangers a lot better than a hamster would.  A true hands-on experience for the show-and-tell study with a pet rat would have much more of an impact than just being near forced to only watch a hamster in a cage.

This is not the first time I have made light of this school decision, and I will likely write on similar cases as I come across them.

Educate our rats … and our teachers, too!

Pet rat barred from classroom (From The Bolton News)

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4 thoughts on “Pet Rat Barred

  1. I took my three girls (pre Sophie) into my daughter’s school a couple weeks ago and they were a hit. It’s a shame schools aren’t all tolerant of this. I’m grateful my daughter’s is.

  2. im 13 n my school let me tke my rats in 4 show n tell . every1 was suprized tht i had rats n i had great fun educatin them about petrats n how they dont smell or arnt diry animals. i was so suprized how they thort rats acted most of my friends thort that they were aggressive animals and i no that a couple of my friends have adooted rats from rescue centers


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