Monthly Archives: November 2008

If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Laundry

I’m listening to The Daniel Webster Plymouth Oration of 1820. Why? I thought listening to the great speeches of history would be something of interest. Besides there is not much to do at the laundromat otherwise.

I do find it interesting that all the patrons today are using some sort of mobile electronic device to pass the time. That is only a total of three today, but still interesting all the same.

Tuesdays are also free music days. iTunes gives away a new song every Tuesday; and, so does Starbucks!

The wash is ready for the dryers and so ends this post.

Popcorn and the Blue Crew

I am not much of a popcorn fan but the Blue Boys and Ratchetu are having a great time with their very own bowl.

The big boys are with Mrs.R and an even bigger bowl of popcorn.

Ratchetu keeps running across me with a kernel; Tanzi has learned to grab a piece and munch; Shadow is taking turns between eating and proof reading this post; and, Turq is hanging out on the back of the loveseat casually eating his pieces of popcorn.

Of course Mrs.R is hand feeding the big boys which includes tossing the odd piece of popcorn to one of the shyer boys at the end of the sofa.

A good time was had by everyone involved.

Laundromat Writing

It’s not that I could not write anything before it’s just there was not any real convenient method to write something without having to re-write it afterwards.

So as I do my usual weekly rattie laundry I am now able to also fill the time with somewhat random blogging.

Have I mentioned how much I am appreciating my iPod Touch?

It’s a bit busier than usual and I am actually more testing the auto-correct functions. If I take a bit more time and pay attention to the screen it really does work quite well. I think this is much like any “new” technology in that it just takes a little getting used to.

The typing reminds me in some ways of the basic learning curve I had with Palm Graffiti software. Just like Graffiti, the more I use the virtual keyboard the easier it becomes to use.

iPod Touch and The Boys

This is a new posting idea … live with the boys.

The blue boys to be exact. They are quite interested in investigating what I have in my hands and the typing noises coming from the internal speaker. We are watching Supernatural or at least I am half watching half writing this entry. The boys are sniffing and trying to get a nibble of my iPod case … and tooting!?

You really do not want to know any more about tooting.

There will be more to follow as long as the boys behave themselves and curb their apetite for leather cases.