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Old Man Jeremy

‘Twas his time to leave this place,
to pass into the silence, full of grace.

He struggled and fought,
but this day no more life could be bought.

The grim reaper had come calling,
and his timing was nothing short of appalling.

His brethren made no fuss,
to them this is life and so must pass as thus.

At the bridge he now waits,
with family and friends before the pearly gates.

Our Jeremy left us today to make his way to the Rainbow Bridge.  He was the oldest and will be sorely missed.  Jeremy is survived by his brother Gordon as well as Teetu and Bruiser from the older home.  The rest of the boys paid their respects as is our custom. There have been so many … so quickly recently that I can say no more.

The prose above is for Jeremy, as written … in the here and now.

Jeremy - RIP
Jeremy - RIP

iPaper Downloads

I like the name iPaper for iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper. It seems to flow nicely, but Scribd has already put a use to the name.

Then there is iWallpaper; and, an existing iTunes application. That’s fine by me, I am not as comfortable saying that name, it fits the use but seems a bit clunky for an image.

I’m sure lots of people have tossed about some interesting naming ideas for wallpaper graphics designed for used on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Personally I am going to call mine iPapers until a better name comes along …

If you have an idea for short simple name please leave a comment.

In the meantime, if you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user, or just simply interested, please feel free to visit our Downloads page and see our Rattitude iPapers.

You Have Got To Be Kidding

Those were the first words out of my mouth. I started the day pretty much the same as any other Monday. I woke up; made sure Mrs.R was waking up; went into the kitchen to get bowls out for Jake the rabbit and the cats morning meal.

I then went to the bakers rack in the dining room to get canned food for the cats and saw Jake laying peacefully … on his back. I thought how cute he looked sleeping on his back and stopped to watch him for a bit before waking him for his morning greens.

As I watched it became apparent very quickly that something was not right. That’s when I said aloud, “You have got to be kidding?” I leaned down to Jake calling his name and he did not even twitch a whisker. I reached out to touch him now fully expecting the worst and hoping to be startled by a hastily woken bunny.

Just as I was touching Jake’s belly, Mrs.R asked “what’s wrong?” To which I sadly replied “Jake’s dead.”

One Hour, Forty-Five Minutes

Our Roo, or Rasta-Roo of late, after one hour and forty-five minutes is now a smooth backed cat. After some protests and a few sad meows he seems to be feeling much better for the experience.

Still to this day, after almost four years now, we cannot figure out why Roo grows his fur out in dreads.  To the best of our knowledge he has not taken to the Rastafarian religion, and so we have to from time to time help him clean up his back.  Usually we go through this once or twice a year. Today it took one hour and forty-five minutes, to go from three-quarter covered in dreads to one-quarter inch clean shaved with both Mrs.R and I and an electric clipper each to finally get Roo’s fur cut; and, then evenly smoothed.

Roo is hiding somewhere now, not exactly sure where, but he is looking good.  I hope he will forgive us in time to show off his new style for family Christmas.

Papa Ink Passes

Inky, our oldest Berkshire pet rat took his final sleep last night. This morning at breakfast Mrs.R found Inky under the ramp, one of his favorite places, already gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

We recently moved Inky to the lower level of the “big” FN to help with his advancing age. We moved a few of the other boys in with him for company and raised the connecting ramp for safety purposes.

Teetu, Jeremy, Gordon, and Bruiser will be missing Inky. T, Jer, and Gordon were moved in with Inky for age reasons; and, Bruiser was moved in to take care of his Papa Ink. Bruiser, Inky’s son, always took care of his papa when all the boys in the big FN were living together, but it was Teetu who put up the most fuss seeing Inky leave with Mrs.R; and, he made sure she knew about it, too.

Everyone will be missing our Inky as he goes to be with his friends and family at the Rainbow Bridge. Good-bye my Inka-Ma-Rinky-Doo!

MobilePress plug-in added

I came across an interesting “new” plug-in for named MobilePress. I like the way it looks on my iPod Touch, very clean and simple in its default format; and, it doesn’t affect the standard web browser display!

Currently, when browsing with a mobile such as a cell phone or iPhone/iPod Touch the recent posts are listed first then the pages below.

Let me know with a comment how this looks on your mobile device.

Mea Culpa

It would seem I was not the first choice for Kaden’s middle name of Alexander.

I am quite proud of my middle name, Alexandre, as it was my grandfather’s middle name.  A good Scotsman that he was, it was spelled as Kaden’s is in the more common fashion of Alexander.  My father is a Frenchman, an Acadian to be most correct, and he agreed to the name only asking it be spelled in the French way, Alexandre.  I’ve always enjoyed it’s uncommon spelling.

Alexandre, my middle name, has always been pronounced in the English manner, and has never been enunciated as the French would typically say it.  When we asked why the spelling of Kaden’s middle name is Alexander, we were told “neither of us are French and it was Ian’s middle name”.  Ian was a good kid, Katie’s sister’s boy, gone much too early in life.

I can only aspire to be as great a grandfather as mine was, and I must start by asking: mea culpa, mea culpa, forgive me my vanity.

Hyper’s Gone

It’s been quite a crazy couple of days. We have a brand new grandson, Mrs.R and the Jack Ratticus are speaking again, and our little Hyper girl moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.

In all the excitement of Kaden’s arrival I did not want to leave Hyper’s passing as only a footnote to recent events.

Hyper was our little fighter. She passed due to complications / after effects of a pasteurella infection. Her sister Wallflower has made an apparent complete recovery. Our Sweet Pea and Missy also passed earlier from this same thing. Hyper made a valiant effort at living through the debilitation of the sickness but finally succumbed the night of December 5th, as though she waited to know Kaden’s fate, then satisfied he would be well, she made her way home to be with her family at the Rainbow Bridge.

We will miss our little Hyper girl. We will miss her rushing to the edge of her cage every time we went into the kitchen; she lived in the dining room near the end. We will miss her licks and nuzzling every time we petted her.

I found her laying on her side, slightly stretched out, in her final sleep. Finally at rest, and at peace. Until we meet again at the bridge little one, we will be missing you.