Mea Culpa

It would seem I was not the first choice for Kaden’s middle name of Alexander.

I am quite proud of my middle name, Alexandre, as it was my grandfather’s middle name.  A good Scotsman that he was, it was spelled as Kaden’s is in the more common fashion of Alexander.  My father is a Frenchman, an Acadian to be most correct, and he agreed to the name only asking it be spelled in the French way, Alexandre.  I’ve always enjoyed it’s uncommon spelling.

Alexandre, my middle name, has always been pronounced in the English manner, and has never been enunciated as the French would typically say it.  When we asked why the spelling of Kaden’s middle name is Alexander, we were told “neither of us are French and it was Ian’s middle name”.  Ian was a good kid, Katie’s sister’s boy, gone much too early in life.

I can only aspire to be as great a grandfather as mine was, and I must start by asking: mea culpa, mea culpa, forgive me my vanity.

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