One Hour, Forty-Five Minutes

Our Roo, or Rasta-Roo of late, after one hour and forty-five minutes is now a smooth backed cat. After some protests and a few sad meows he seems to be feeling much better for the experience.

Still to this day, after almost four years now, we cannot figure out why Roo grows his fur out in dreads.  To the best of our knowledge he has not taken to the Rastafarian religion, and so we have to from time to time help him clean up his back.  Usually we go through this once or twice a year. Today it took one hour and forty-five minutes, to go from three-quarter covered in dreads to one-quarter inch clean shaved with both Mrs.R and I and an electric clipper each to finally get Roo’s fur cut; and, then evenly smoothed.

Roo is hiding somewhere now, not exactly sure where, but he is looking good.  I hope he will forgive us in time to show off his new style for family Christmas.

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2 thoughts on “One Hour, Forty-Five Minutes

  1. I know that the older cats get, the harder it becomes for them to clean properly, their tongues become more smooth with age and so cannot untangle all the mess of their fur like they could when younger… Now I don’t know how old Roo is or if he was like that even young but there’s a possible lead 🙂 I would however love to see a picture 😀

    1. It’s something to look at, but we’re thinking its more behavioral. There is a picture of Roo currently in the gallery. He is about 10 years old, and started with this tatting issue about four years ago. Essentially he just stopped cleaning his lower back near the base of his tail and then it progresses up his back. Now that he has been shaved, he almost constantly wants his back scritched where the fur is short, he fur is neither short nor medium, its somewhere in between.

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