The Next Day

It’s now the morning of our grandson’s birth (hopefully) and after a short night of sleep it’s soon to work.

There will be pictures and more commentary to follow, maybe throughout the day (thanks to the wonders of wi-fi and iPod Touch) or it may not be until tonight.  The nurses are telling Josh and Katie that PLB will not likely be born until tonight.  Mrs.R and I will be heading to the hospital again tonight to wait for, or visit with, our grandson … our son and daughter-in-law, too.

The hospital offers a guest wi-fi service which I made use of last night, buying a 24hr. package, which was surprisingly inexpensive.  I believe most hospitals offer similar services (and it was also a contributing factor when I decided to get my iPod Touch).  Mrs.R doesn’t believe me 100% on that, but it really was part of the decision process for me.  Too practical at times, but justifying a new toy of its price range just before Christmas takes some doing, even if I am the one making the justifications to. (*grins*)

More “Live Blogging” to follow later … I really must check if that is a trademark/brand name.

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