Kaden and the Doctor

Just a common cold and a mild eye infection. Katie, Kaden and I have been waiting at the doctor’s office since about 1:25 for a 1:20 appointment, it’s now just about 2:30.

I’m thinking this is still a new practise just building a patient base as the office is accepting walk-in patients on a regular basis as we wait.

Katie is happy with the doctor normally in attendance but it appears today it is a substitute doctor; and, from what I overheard the receptionist saying something tells me the “new” doctor may be a permanent affair.

In my opinion, as long as the doctor takes care of the patients as well as the previous doctor then all is good.

I’m sure Kaden is fine, and even if the situation was not ideal I still got to hold him for the last hour; and, have a very nice conversation with my daughter-in-law.

15 minutes later, Katie and Kaden come back to the reception area. Another 20 minutes to get the prescription for the eye infection then back home.

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