Roo, our rasta-kitty has taken to being very needy of late. This seems to coincide with his recent hair, er, I mean fur cut.

In a previous post I described how Mrs.R and myself helped Roo with his horrid mass of matted fur on his back by shaving nearly 3/4 of his back. Now, our shy skittish Roo is an insatiable scritch-aholic, taking turns going from Mrs.R to myself demanding in a most serious meow to have his back scratched.

… and every time I think we have created a monster, a Roo-monster! I also think how great it is to see Roo be this sociable, too.


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3 thoughts on “Roo-Monster

  1. Ah, when cats ask to be scritched… Ask? Demand of course! But then, it is all part of their scheme to take over the world! 😉 Give him a virtual scritch from me.

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