Spaghetti Dinner

Here is the update to the new living arrangements: besides a very sad WiiOne (who was moved back to his old home at the end) everything seems to be going well.

Mrs.R and I had spaghetti for dinner tonight and as our usual we shared with all the rats. It is one of their favorite treats. We made sure the new boys got a bowl just for them while Bruiser made sure they knew what to do with these long wiggly strings of goodness.

The Christmas boys have not had spaghetti before and apparently they enjoy it as much as the other boys do.

Now, as I look around the room at the boys homes, I see a bunch of pasta induced sleepy rats; and, a small rat pile in the back made up of the newest boys and Mr. Bruiser.

All is good in the Rattitude rat homes.

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3 thoughts on “Spaghetti Dinner

  1. Yeah, they love ’em until they chew through ’em, then they want more. Fortunately we can usually find a 10-pack of cheap ones in our grocery store for like $1.99 or something like that.

    Also, the lingerie bags that the women-folk do their unmentionables in, those mesh laundry bags… They make GREAT hammocks on the cheap, just add a couple safety pins. They don’t stink quite so fast, being mesh.

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