Unusual Rat Laundry Day

Another Tuesday and another day of rat laundry. I do the rat laundry after work at a coin-op laundromat around the corner from our home.

Today was a bit different than usual. Usually there is no one else doing laundry at this time so all is good. I can put on a podcast or a random playlist and distract myself with some sort of application on my iPod. Today there was a family doing laundry that I had not seen before.

Now far be it for me to pass judgement on others, but I simply cannot understand how some people can apparently dress up to do chores such as laundry or groceries. This family was like that, all very well dressed, the mother, two sons, and a daughter. I just do not understand why.

What I understand less though is how these same people will give others looks of disdain and whisper behind their backs after looking at their laundered items. That is what I experienced today, or at least that is what I perceived to have happened.

Admittedly the rat laundry looks like a bunch of rags and for all intent and purpose that is exactly what they are. That does not mean I take any less care in washing, drying, folding and putting back into the hampers. I treat the rat laundry with the same care as I treat Mrs.R and my own clothes that I wash at the same laundromat.

I guess I just find it to be such a sign of either ignorance or arrogance that a simple bit of communication would have solved. The great mystery of public rat laundry.

I await the day someone asks me why am washing what I do; and, I am sure I will savor their expression when they learn my answer.

Would you ask? Leave a comment explaining how you would approach the situation.

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7 thoughts on “Unusual Rat Laundry Day

  1. I, too, do my laundry in a public laundromat and spend the same kind of devoted time and effort on my ratties’ laundry. Frankly, it looks like rats have chewed it, but no one has ever asked. I’m torn between answering who the laundry is for and possibly having people turn me in (or out) or making something up about how poor I am. Mostly I count on people minding their own business. I won’t ask about your underwear if you won’t ask about my hole-y laundry. I do pick up all the little rattie raisins off the floor because I KNOW that would freak people out. I guess you could just say your dog chews it because people have less trouble with the word dog than they do with the word rat.

    1. Thank You for your comment. I enjoyed reading your insights.
      I also do the same thing, picking up the bits and pieces that fall to the floor while I’m doing the laundry, I think that is just a common courtesy that everyone should observe, regardless of what they are picking up.
      It’s interesting how you bring dogs into this, as some of the things being picked up are the pieces of dry dog food we feed our pet rats … although I still think I would tell someone it was rat laundry I was doing.

  2. C’mon, how long you been doing laundry at a laundromat? You never saw anyone wait until all they have left to wear that’s clean is the nice stuff?

    And hell yeah you ask! Sorta. You bring it up somehow, anyway. Because did it ever cross your mind that maybe THEY are rat owners and recognized the laundry?

    1. You got me there, I had not thought about people waiting that long to do their laundry that all they would have left to wear was their “nice stuff”, but the look of disdain on their faces was in no way mistakable.

  3. Hm. In my area, at least, this would be a gross violation of etiquette on their part. I don’t think you need to explain yourself at all: unless the family in question would like to provide you with an overview of their own laundry.
    What a funny situation.
    You could experiment with different responses, if the situation arises again? “Oh, these are just my ritual sacrifice rags” “I’m so sorry–how rude of me–would you like some?” “OH MY GOD I’m washing RAGS!” >:D

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