Pet Heaven

The front page of one of today’s newspapers managed to grab my attention.  Generally I read most of my “news” online, but from time to time I will wander over to a co-workers area and glance through their paper.

Today’s splashy front page shows a woman, a dog and the over-sized type, “DIE AT HOME”.  Here is a link to the article, which really should be read through entirely before giving further thought to the sensationalistic headlines pointing to further into the newspaper.

The article describes to some extent the actions of The College of Veterinarians of Ontario to stop this couple from providing services they believe are a benefit to the pet keeping communities.

These services, offered by Pet Heaven, are essentially in-home services being rendered via referral by qualified veterinarians.  The controversy seems centered around the euthanizing of pets at home by these referred mobile veterinarians; and, possibly more so, in my opinion, the additional services of Pet Heaven removing and/or transporting the deceased pet afterwards.

I believe Pet Heaven’s offering of this type of referral service is a grand gesture and I am most interested in the outcome of this trial.

How do you feel about mobile vets; and, this type of referral?

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2 thoughts on “Pet Heaven

  1. Wow, this is like taking the humanity out one lawsuit at a time… I feel really sad about humans when I see nonsenses like these. I hope they win their case and continue to deliver this service to those who need support in times of loss. Of course the article is a bit partial, they don’t say much about what it is exactly the college’s lawsuit is about, but from this information, I really hope it won’t pass.

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