Rat Years in Human Years

I often wonder what a rats age would be in human terms.

This is by no means a scientifically derived formula, it’s just some easy numbers based on a few simple correlations. So I picked some easy benchmarks to start with:

  • Average human lifespan: 80 years or 960 months
  • Average rat lifespan: 30 months
  • Human years to rat years ratio would be 32:1.

These numbers in themselves could be argued up or down, but that is the whole idea of discussion topics like this one.  Of course these numbers are not truly directly related to our lives.  These numbers would indicate that two hours to a rat would be the same as almost three days to a human.  Have you played with your pet rats for two hours or more at a time?  How do you think you would feel after constant attention for almost three days?! 

This is by no means a reason not to interact with your pets, actually the reverse. Its more a reminder that the the time differences are immense in comparative terms, and if the time is directly proportional as the above ratio suggests then the time we spend apart from our little ones is also immense.  Think of it as visiting your best friends once a month for a couple of days, then waiting another month to do it again.

There are many ways to calculate rat years in human years, what numbers do you use?

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