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Baptizing Kaden

Mrs.R and I drove to Brussels today.  Brussels, Ontario, that is for our grandson’s baptism. The pastor of the church added the baptism to the regular Sunday services using it as a part of her sermon and teaching for the day.

The  services were nice, a United church setting, and admittedly one that I am not at all familiar with but we were made to feel quite comfortable in the church, again.  This was the same church that Josh and Katie (Kaden’s parents) were married in back in July 2006.

It was a hurried day for us, although we made sure to go back to the great lunch provided by Katie’s parents and family at their home in Brussels.  Always pleasant and ever the gracious hosts it was an enjoyable although quick lunch and chat.  It was nice to see the pastor stop by after the services to join the gathering of family and friends for a short stay, as well.

Star’s Rat Rescue

Winner, South Dakota.

The home of Star’s Rat Rescue. Seems rather appropriate to me, and as the name infers, this operation takes in pet rats that need to be re-homed, or sometimes just need their first home. The rescue is run by a fine young woman named Brittney and I have had the pleasure of getting to know her over the last year via RatChatter forums.

She is kind and considerate and has no issues putting the rats ahead of herself. A patient individual that works very hard to help educate those unaware of the great companion animals that pet rats can be, and for many people are.

Star’s Rat Rescue is supported through donations, mostly unsolicited, and by the sales in the SRR Store of Brittney’s sewing handiwork. Hammocks, cubes, cage liners, shelf liners … the list goes on.  A lot of the handcrafted items are geared towards Ferret Nations and/or Critter Nations produced by MidWest home for Pets.  These types of habitats are common for rat keepers.

I would like to ask my readers to stop over at Star’s Rat Rescue. Take a few moments to read about the rescue operations and see which beautiful and handsome pet rats are waiting to find their permanent homes. Perhaps make arrangements with Brittney to adopt a pair (or more) of these fine pets; maybe purchase an item or two for your own pet rats; ferret and chinchilla keepers using Ferret Nations can benefit, too; or, you could offer something else … I’m sure it would be appreciated.

How do you support animal rescues? Are you an animal rescue? Tell us about it.


Along my way today catching up to various interests I came across a post in a forum of a gentleman describing himself as old.  That in of itself is not too unheard of, nor were the replies recognizing that age is not always a measure of time, but it did lead me to this thought:

Age is relative, counting it is the key.


Just thinking with how busy it has been in the real world of late that I need to stop in and remind myself of the rat world.  That place filled with twitching noses and long tails; soft tongues and quiet padding feet.

I added a weekly twitter post. There are not a lot of rat keepers that use twitter, or maybe there are? For those that do not tweet and frequent this little piece of rodent-dom, every week there should be an automated digest post made … at least for now.

Some may have noticed I attributed a quote to myself in a recent post. Most likely in the future I will post the author’s name, or anonymous, if I do not know.  If there is no author cited, then I penned the words myself. I hope everyone enjoys them.

Comment suggestions: Do you tweet? What has been your favorite Rattitude quote?