Just thinking with how busy it has been in the real world of late that I need to stop in and remind myself of the rat world.  That place filled with twitching noses and long tails; soft tongues and quiet padding feet.

I added a weekly twitter post. There are not a lot of rat keepers that use twitter, or maybe there are? For those that do not tweet and frequent this little piece of rodent-dom, every week there should be an automated digest post made … at least for now.

Some may have noticed I attributed a quote to myself in a recent post. Most likely in the future I will post the author’s name, or anonymous, if I do not know.  If there is no author cited, then I penned the words myself. I hope everyone enjoys them.

Comment suggestions: Do you tweet? What has been your favorite Rattitude quote?

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2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Yup, I tweet. I’m a dual-tweeter, in fact. I tweet for myself as OfRatsAndJen, and I tweet for Mainely Rat Rescue as MaineRatRescue.

    I haven’t been reading Rattitude long enough to have a favorite quote yet.

    Of Rats and Jen´s last blog post..Octo-Ratties!

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