Star’s Rat Rescue

Winner, South Dakota.

The home of Star’s Rat Rescue. Seems rather appropriate to me, and as the name infers, this operation takes in pet rats that need to be re-homed, or sometimes just need their first home. The rescue is run by a fine young woman named Brittney and I have had the pleasure of getting to know her over the last year via RatChatter forums.

She is kind and considerate and has no issues putting the rats ahead of herself. A patient individual that works very hard to help educate those unaware of the great companion animals that pet rats can be, and for many people are.

Star’s Rat Rescue is supported through donations, mostly unsolicited, and by the sales in the SRR Store of Brittney’s sewing handiwork. Hammocks, cubes, cage liners, shelf liners … the list goes on.  A lot of the handcrafted items are geared towards Ferret Nations and/or Critter Nations produced by MidWest home for Pets.  These types of habitats are common for rat keepers.

I would like to ask my readers to stop over at Star’s Rat Rescue. Take a few moments to read about the rescue operations and see which beautiful and handsome pet rats are waiting to find their permanent homes. Perhaps make arrangements with Brittney to adopt a pair (or more) of these fine pets; maybe purchase an item or two for your own pet rats; ferret and chinchilla keepers using Ferret Nations can benefit, too; or, you could offer something else … I’m sure it would be appreciated.

How do you support animal rescues? Are you an animal rescue? Tell us about it.

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2 thoughts on “Star’s Rat Rescue

  1. I started adopting from Mainely Rat Rescue ( a year ago in January. By August, they’d talked me into fostering rats for them. Now, I’m training to be an adoption and foster counselor, processing adoption applications and such.

    We just picked up our latest foster rat tonight, a black hooded blazed dalmatian boy named Marbles. He’s only 4 months old, and small for his size. His cagemate came home from the pet store at the same time he did, but grew twice as fast and was beating Marbles up. Their owner generously chose to surrender Marbles rather than the more difficult to place aggressive boy.

    Rat rescues are the best. They take lots of time, rat care, driving, and money to run, though. Volunteer whenever you can, donate if you can’t!

    Of Rats and Jen´s last blog post..Camera Phone Picture Dump

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