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Et Tu, Bruiser?

This month has not ended very well, our Bruiser passed today while we were away.

Mrs.R and I arrived home together today and as usual proceeded to refill food bowls and put out fresh water in all the rat homes.  As we were in the middle of the boys habitats Mrs.R suddenly exclaimed, “Bruiser is dead!”  I had started at the other end of the room so I had not noticed him lying on his side at the bottom of his recently segregated level.

Bruiser had possibly re-injured his back foot two days ago as it was more swollen than usual.  He was born with a slight deformity in his left hind ankle that fused as he grew older, he never seemed to notice it. We started Bruiser on Metacam and added some antibiotics to his food as Metacam is an immunosuppressive anti-inflammatory. We had planned to take Bruiser to the vet tonight as his right eye also appeared to be slightly protruded and his breath smelled … well, it was really bad. As Mrs.R said, Bruiser did not want anything to do with being poked and prodded this time, so he made his way to the Rainbow Bridge. He will be joining his sister, Sweet Pea.

Bruiser is survived by his brother, Dash.

Bruiser RIP

Minx Has Left The Building

Minx has left the building and moved on to the Rainbow Bridge.

Born June 30, 2007 of Sweet Pea and Gordon, he lived well until just very recently. It was only few weeks earlier we noticed Minx losing weight but having no other symptoms.  As a precautionary measure we put everyone on our vet recommended prophylactic antibiotic just in case it was some sort of infection.  As all of our other boys, and girls, are doing fine it seemed the best course of action.

Minx’s condition did not change.  It really did not worsen, but it also did not improve. Tonight, as I walked in the door after doing my habitual Tuesday night rat laundry, I found Mrs.R holding Minx in her arms and thought what a sweet sight.  Then I noticed the look in her eyes, and knew.

Minx took his last breath in Mrs.R’s arms as she whispered softly to him, it was OK to go to the bridge and be with his mother, father, and sister Hyper.

Minx RIP

United States Congress H.R. 669

The 11th Congress 1st Session H.R. 669 can be read here as of this writing … or via this link: (feel free to use this link).

To prevent the introduction and establishment of nonnative wildlife species that negatively impact the economy, environment, or other animal species’ or human health, and for other purposes.

It appears directed at “wildlife” versus “domestic” animals, and if it can be shown from SEC. 14. DEFINITIONS (5D):

does not include … any other species or variety of species that is determined by the Secretary to be common and clearly domesticated

It looks like there should be concerns but there are also ways and means to address those pet keepers that feel they will be affected by this bill. This bill does not specifically define pet rats within its definitions. I believe this does need to be addressed by those residing in the United States of America, or for that matter, any rat keeper anywhere that may lend a voice of reason to the discussion.

You can follow the progress of the bill here:

Mrs.R, the great Internet searcher, found this information:

I have been doing some searches for this bill and have come across some links I think are valuable. Please feel free to pass these links along…

Full Text of HR669:

Why Should you Care?

House Committee on Natural Resources Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans & Wildlife

To track the progress of the bill.

Also in the same site, have a question, post it here (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to post your questions, you can also answer someone else’s question).

Video Results for HR669:
Click here for all video results

Say NO to HR669 (this website gives you your House of Representative’s name and and number as well as sample letters/emails and phone calls) follow the links on this page to email your House of Representative (it’s already written for you, you just need to fill in the blanks with your name and address):

There will be a hearing on April 23, 2009, go to this site to send more emails to stop HR669:

You can watch the hearing “Live” on April 23, 2009 at 10:00am EST on this site:

If you wish to SUPPORT the bill, the Humane Society of the United States has links where you can write your House of Representative to SUPPORT the bill.

Will this affect you? Will it affect someone you know? Are you going to do something about it?

Easter Bunnies Are Forever Pets

Although I generally write about rat related items it occurred to me as I was enjoying my Friday morning coffee that there could be some good-intentioned individuals thinking how sweet a cute little live bunny would be as an Easter present.

We, Mrs.R and I, were fortunate enough to have adopted what may have been the sweetest bunny ever, Jake the Rabbit. Jake passed a while ago and even our vet was mystified as to the cause.

Rabbits can live for quite some time, although I am not positive, 10+ years comes to mind. Given that piece of information alone, if you are considering gifting a rabbit to a friend or family member this Easter please remember you are committing that person or family to what could easily be more than ten years of their lives.

Rabbits are wonderful pets but as with all pets they deserve a forever home with people who have decided for themselves to make the time and financial commitments to care for them for the pets entire life.

What have been your experiences with gifting a pet? Did you give or receive?