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Bad Press in the UK

One of the members at RatChatter posted this link: BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | A plague of super-rats

Of course it was quite good of the BBC to allow for comments, and once I found some time I wrote the following:

A delineation of wild/feral rats versus pet fancy rats would be a nice start, but given that distinction was not made some of the statements in the article strike more as opinion versus fact.

Wild rats may live in conditions that are generally considered to be unclean, but they also spend nearly one-third of their waking moments cleaning and grooming themselves … a strikingly greater amount of time than most domesticated mammals, such as humans.

Rats are quite industrious when it comes to survival. Wild rats are well adapted to living in close proximity to human habitats as they are well aware of the much easier access to sustenance than foraging in fields.

Proper disposal of refuse in more effective containers would help reduce the amount of unwanted visitors one can expect, but to relegate all the interlopers to the rat family is a little preposterous as there are many animals that would happily feed on the quality remains most people throw away that others in more impoverished countries would only dream of savoring.

The point of Leptospirosis is a hard one to take at face value as most consider this a rare condition to contract with an average of only 20% of feral rats even carrying the infection; that also depending on geographical location. Weil’s disease (a form of Leptospirosis) being an even more rare condition.

“Rattus norvegicus – is a disgusting animal.” An opinion I would suggest that greatly impugns the reputation of rats; and, I would also suspect in contrast to The National Rat Fancy Society, long standing proponents of fancy rats in the UK.

I am a fancy pet rat keeper and believe the rat, as a pet, is one of the finest animals to be graced with. My opinion but one only meant to share as an interest not opinions to create a maligned image.

Perhaps a bit long winded, but there were so many  points to be addressed.

Three Times Unlucky

Addie, our pet rat, RIP. Born June 30, 2007. Died May 1, 2009.

Addie died in the early hours of the morning. Mrs.R slept on the sofa with her so she would not be alone in her final hours. Addie is our third pet to leave for the Rainbow Bridge in a little less than the same number of days.

Addie was named in the same fashion as her sister Ande. Ande and Addie markings were very similar with Ande having a more pronounced peak in the classic hooded stripe down her back, so she was named for the Andes mountains; Addie’s name came from the Adirondacks.

I love all our pets but some just seem to stand out a bit more than others. Addie was one of those pets; a pet rat that made an impression and I will miss her dearly. Rest in peace my little girl; take care and be safe at the bridge.