Pet Rats Twibe

I sent this tweet out a little while ago:

Just started a Twibe. Visit or RT this URL to join.

It was more out of a curiosity that I created this twibe. I would be more than happy to keep posting twibe information for my readers to follow.

Join the twibe and follow along. (You will need a twitter account, first; don’t forget to follow me, too.)

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2 thoughts on “Pet Rats Twibe

  1. What’s a twibe? Sorry, I am not a twitter person, I waste already to much time on the net 🙂 But I am curious of what a twibe is…

    1. A twibe is most likely meant as a play on the word tribe.

      To me, it is a group of like minded people, or people that have a common interest and use twitter; and, in this particular case, I chose to create a group for pet rats … and their keepers.

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