Monthly Archives: July 2009

Time Starts Its March

Today, as I was going through our morning ritual of breakfast for our little ones I noticed Number 9 laying rather conspicuously staring at the extra daily plate of baby food he has been sharing with WiiOne and Number 8.

I generally start with the triple Ferret Nation and work my way across the room placing the breakfast plates or bowls into each home.  When I reached the last Ferret Nation where the Numbers and Wii live I took a closer look at Number 9.

To my dismay, he passed sometime overnight.  I found Number 9 laying there, looking quite comfortable in what could only be described as a very relaxed almost stretched-out position; just like he had laid down to rest after some playtime with his brothers.

Mrs.R and myself have been readying ourselves in preparation for the next year or so as most of our boys and girls are now over two years old. It would seem Number 9, always the last to go home, will be the one waiting to greet his brothers and sisters as they follow him across the Rainbow Bridge.  As he made sure they were safely home ahead of him in life, he can now make sure they can safely cross when it is their time.

The Bird is Free

After a short overnight stay with Mrs.R and myself, The Bird was released outside this morning. I like the name, The Bird, simple yet not too easily attached to.

After making sure our feline friends had their breakfast this morning, I opened The Bird’s temporary home to make sure it was getting some food and water.  A very patient 10 minutes of dribbling water and food near The Bird’s beak and I was relatively satisfied something was eaten and drank.

Then to my surprise The Bird jumped up and flew through the kitchen and around the corner before unceremoniously flying into a mirrored door and ending up on the floor.  I quickly ran to pick it up as two of our cats quickly ran to investigate.  No harm … no fowl for the kitties either.  We waited about an hour or so more and made sure to give The Bird more food and water then outside we went …

The Bird in the Grass

… and of course an iPaper of The Bird perched on my finger outside …

The Bird Outside

We left The Bird near a large puddle that usually forms after a rainfall in a small quiet park area behind where we live. We saw a female robin eating and drinking nearby and felt it was the best place for The Bird to be.

Meet The Bird

The Bird
The Bird

The Bird was found by Mrs.R, huddled against a wall, not moving.  That’s what she told me as she came inside calling, “Honey …”  I knew something was up but who am I to argue when it comes to an animal in need that we can do something for. What, I have no idea, but all the same we quickly set up the hospital cage for our new friend then ran out to get some bird food from our local pet shop. Dave was helpful but self-admittedly a novice with birds right now, “I’m learning more …”

We will see how The Bird does, hopefully it will only be a short stay then he, or she, will be back to the great outdoors. The Bird just did not seem to stand a chance as calm and quiet as it is and so readily handled by a novice such as myself.