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We Are Still Not A Rescue

A long time ago I wrote a post about three of our girls and how they came to our home, their forever home. One of the girls, Cat the Rat is still with us (her sisters passed over to the Rainbow Bridge) and enjoying her life with the latest girls we rescued, er, I mean saved … Molly, Mandy, Mindy, and Mel.

Those girls came to us, as their other option was … no life. A good friend of the family contacted us to ask if we would be able to take any of these wonderful creatures into our home and after we heard the alternative the obvious answer was yes. We had room, we always have room in times of need; and, so the four came to live with us.

But, that is not what I started to write this post about … actually I wanted to say that we have gained the respect of the staff at our vet’s office to have them think of us when they learn of pet rats in need. They called just a few days ago asking if we could take in some pet rats as the current owner was at their wit’s end and may feel forced to release them into a field. Again, it was simply, “Yes, we’ll take them.” Then it was, “oh, by the way, how many; and, what sex?”

Fortunately the rats found a new home with a “family friend” and hopefully it will be their forever home. Otherwise, we are still here … in times of need.

We still do not think of ourselves as a rescue … or are we?

RatChatter Forums Are Two Today

The RatChatter web site and the RatChatter forums are two years old today.

It was Aug 1, 2007 that we officially opened the RatChatter forums to the general public, although from the beginning of July 2007 we had sent out a few private invitations to the forums that were also accepted.

Our membership has grown over the last two years; and, Mrs.R and I are very happy for the interest and community that is building.  We have a fantastic group of “Chatters” that we greatly appreciate and look forward to being involved with every day.

Our forum moderators, the “ladies” as we often refer to them, are the best in our minds.  Each one of them bringing a rat-friendly but different view which I believe allows us to keep the RatChatter forums a family-friendly, helpful community filled with care and information to share and grow with.

We have been working behind the scenes to make changes to the RatChatter web site with the intent to change the “portal” front page.  The new “front page” is still being designed and there are a few more details to sort out with the change but we hope to finish in the near future.

We look forward to many more years of activity and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members, and staff, for their time; their efforts; and, especially for caring for each other and their families over the last two years.

May we be able to continue, and to thank everyone again, for many more years to come.

Mrs. & Mr. R