3 New Girls

Just like Mrs.R wrote recently on the RatChatter forums, I am writing an introductory post for the latest addition to our mischief.

Although we do not consider ourselves rescuers we seem to have gathered a bit of a reputation for taking in rats that need a new home; and, we give them their forever home. Our latest additions are three adorable little girls from a nice family that recognized they would not be able to offer the time and attention fancy pet rats need.

Here are a couple of pictures of the little ones in their temporary (quarantine) home:

Ditto and PJ
PJ and MJ

We hope to integrate these girls with our older group in a couple of weeks.

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2 thoughts on “3 New Girls

  1. I’m happy to see new faces! I hope the boys and girls enjoy their new home (actually, I’m sure they will ; you take so well care of all!) Hope the boys will settle down too and become comfortable. Keep us posted on their progress!

    1. @Chibi – Thank you. The boys are settling in fairly well, I’m hoping for smooth introductions next week. The girls are still nervous but are doing well on their own terms. They may require a little more attention and trust exercises but we have plenty of time … they are not going anywhere.

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