More Not Less

Although I have been posting mostly of our losses of late today I am happy to write a short bit about our new additions.

We have recently adopted two young rat boys. Their names are still to be decided although I am leaning towards Ossie and Skitch, but Mrs.R is not really a fan of either … yet.

Here is a picture of the boys their first night in quarantine:

Our two newest boys.

We adopted the little guys from a local big box pet store. We usually shop there for various pet supplies and often walk to the back of the store where they keep the small animals. They have had two rat enclosures for the last three to four weeks but we had never seen any movement out of the second smaller enclosure.

We asked one of the store employees and she said there were two boys in the smaller habitat that had been returned to the store although she was not working the day it happened. At the mention of the word “return” Mrs.R immediately decided they needed to come home with us as we both thought they would not be adopted by anyone else with the “returned” label being attached to them.

The boys are very sweet and in great health. They are still a little nervous when being handled. One insists on burying his head wherever he can, while the other is a nervous and jittery. That gave me the ideas for my name choices, but we will see what their behavior gives us for more ideas.

Update: The boys have their new names … Tom and Jerry

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