Star’s Rat Rescue…rescued 143 ratties this week…

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Star’s Rat Rescue has over 143 ratties they rescued this week. They need our help, that’s a lot of ratties to take care of. You can donate via their website You can also purchase products and mail to them, email them off of their donations page for their mailing address.

Or you can order some hammocks and things for the cages through Jen’s Custom Crafts…
I’ve been in touch with Jenny from Jen’s Custom Crafts. Jenny has a program where she helps rescues. She gives you 25% off and free shipping if you order and ship her products directly to the rescue. You do have to order thorugh a special page where the items are currently 25% off of her regular store price. She’s added hammocks onto this page because that’s what Star’s Rat Rescue uses the most of in their cages. So please visit this link and order some hammocks for Star’s Rat Rescue.

Also, from now through Tuesday June 1, 2010, Jenny will give you an additional 15% off of the “rescue store items”. When you go through checkout please use the code “take15” in the “customer code” box on the checkout page. This will give you and exta 15% off…totally a whopping 40% off of regular store prices.

She has graciously set up Star’s Rat Rescue on her Rescue Donation page…she gives 10% of her sales to rescues. Since she already has a list going, Star’s Rat Rescue is listed for July 2011, please check the page here

Thank you Jenny!!!! You Rock!!!!

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