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Cat the Rat

Meet Cat-the-Rat! Cat as she is affectionately known is the inaugural rat in a series of post that will be found in the new category Rat of the Week. Since we have so many rats to choose from there are quite a few posts ahead to write and for you to read. I am looking forward to writing them, I hope you are looking forward to reading them … and if you have your own candidate for the Rat of the Week feel free to leave a comment about your own Rat of the Week.


Mrs.R has been tirelessly working on the logistics of the Star’s Rat Train. To learn more please read her recent posts here on, the forums, and of course at

As we have volunteered to both adopt and relay some rats in need we found ourselves in need of current passports. This is generally not a real overwhelming issue but the timing could be a bit better … as it is, I am writing this post as I sit in the waiting area of my local Passport Canada Services office. All my documents are in order so it is simply a matter of waiting for my ticket to be called, speaking to an agent and paying the necessary fees.

Like other posts written from my iPhone, this one will be “published” once I have a chance to sit down at my desk and do a quick review and add a couple of appropriate links.

More to follow …

Star’s Rat Rescue Babies are Ready

Brittney, aka Stargirl, wrote on the RatChatter forums a short announcement letting every know the recent babies are now five weeks old and ready to move on to their forever homes. Here is her post:

Star’s Rat Rescue currently has 23 rescue ratties in need of loving forever homes! As many of you know we had a surrender of 2 females who where both pregnant. We now have 10 Females and 9 Males who will be 5 weeks old on Monday! We also have two VERY sweet boys named Art & Morty who are just the biggest love bugs ever!

You can visit our website at or you can also find us on Facebook under Star’s Rat Rescue!

We have transportation to MN on March 28th and again in April! We also have transport to KS and CO!! Feel free to ask about other possible transport as we may even be able to get them further!!

Give a hand … or your home. I am sure all will be appreciated.

Star’s Rat Rescue Has Babies

One of my favorite Rat Rescues is enjoying the wonders of baby rats … two litters worth actually. Brittney, the fine young lady that runs Star’s Rat Rescue, recently took in two (pregnant) female rats who gave birth to a total of 20 baby rats! You can follow along with their daily progess reports at the RatChatter forums, here are the links:

If you can make room in your heart and your home for some new born rats, please contact Star’s Rat Rescue. I am sure they would appreciate the help.

Here are a few iPapers, just to show what sweet little babies these are:

A darling pup sucking his toe

A mini rat pile with a very curious tyke
How can you resist these little ones?

Peanut and the Rats

Mrs.R wrote a post on the RatChatter forums earlier tonight introducing our newest family member, Peanut. Peanut is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit. Here he is in his new home:

Peanut the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

He is an adorable little boy that we are “fostering” while he waits for a dental procedure. The veterinarian that is performing the procedure is very close to were we live which I believe made it that much easier for the Toronto Humane Society (THS) to allow us to care for Peanut, at least until then. Peanut currently has his profile on the front page of the THS web site. The profile explains Peanut’s special needs:

I have maloccluded incisors, which means that my front teeth grow all funny, making it difficult for me to eat. Before I go home, the vets here are going to remove them!

We will be taking care of Peanut before he has his operation, as his foster family, with every hope that we will become his permanent adoptive home.

… but what about the rats?

Please remember the Toronto Humane Society is funded strictly by donations; AND, is a no kill shelter! They can use all the help people can offer. Also, something that is near and dear to our hearts is the re-homing of the rats they currently have in their care … approximately 90 as of this evening. We saw almost all of them while we were looking for Peanut.

The rats range from the young to the not so young, but they all appeared curious and interested in the humans wandering around … and if we had room … if we had room …

THS Logo is property of the Toronto Humane Society
Toronto Humane Society
To all of my readers, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, if you have room for one … or two … or three … or more rats in your home please go to the THS on River Street and adopt them. If you do not have room at the moment, please consider a donation … and Thank You.