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A New Comic

I do not remember the last time I actually read a complete comic book.  Sure, I flip through some of the animated novels at Chapters, and I’ll often rifle a stack of comic books at a garage sale, but I haven’t bought an actual comic in years.

I use to visit with my grand-parents when I was much younger staying for summer vacation.  It was a small town and had pretty much small town activities for youngsters, which is to say not a whole lot for someone visiting for the summer and awkwardly shy around new people.  That’s changed over the years and I think with those changes I may have lost some of the innocent pleasures of my youth, like running uptown as soon as the one and only book store would open to buy the new super-sized comic book.

I remember reading Batman, and Thor, and more I do not remember now. The comic books were half as tall as I was, or so I remember them, and it really was exciting.  They really were super-sized, and I have not seen them since.  Perhaps my memory is exagerating their size, but they were truly much larger than the typical comic books of today.

Which brings me to a little bit of rat comic book news.

The first issue of “Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails” hits stands November 26 from IDW Publishing.

Here is a link to the web site for Pirat Tales: with the first few pages from the up-coming new comic.

I can sense that old feeling of being excited about running downtown to the book store …

More Comics

Some new comics I found today.  I don’t think they are really new, but I just found them today when I went searching at

I find the Overboard comic interesting in that I recently read it is a comic about a dog on a ship of pirates, yet there seems to be a significant underlying rat theme …

This Lio strip is brand new to me.  Mr. Tatulli does seem to have an interesting take on things.

Google Rat

Google, the great search engine.  Quite honestly in the beginning I was not a fan, now it’s a part of my everyday life, besides who could resist a site that does things like this:

Google Loves Rats!
Google Loves Rats!

Thanks Google, I really appreciate these “rat” themed ones the most.