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Kaden George Alexander Wilson

Baptizing Kaden

Mrs.R and I drove to Brussels today.  Brussels, Ontario, that is for our grandson’s baptism. The pastor of the church added the baptism to the regular Sunday services using it as a part of her sermon and teaching for the day.

The  services were nice, a United church setting, and admittedly one that I am not at all familiar with but we were made to feel quite comfortable in the church, again.  This was the same church that Josh and Katie (Kaden’s parents) were married in back in July 2006.

It was a hurried day for us, although we made sure to go back to the great lunch provided by Katie’s parents and family at their home in Brussels.  Always pleasant and ever the gracious hosts it was an enjoyable although quick lunch and chat.  It was nice to see the pastor stop by after the services to join the gathering of family and friends for a short stay, as well.

Kaden and the Doctor

Just a common cold and a mild eye infection. Katie, Kaden and I have been waiting at the doctor’s office since about 1:25 for a 1:20 appointment, it’s now just about 2:30.

I’m thinking this is still a new practise just building a patient base as the office is accepting walk-in patients on a regular basis as we wait.

Katie is happy with the doctor normally in attendance but it appears today it is a substitute doctor; and, from what I overheard the receptionist saying something tells me the “new” doctor may be a permanent affair.

In my opinion, as long as the doctor takes care of the patients as well as the previous doctor then all is good.

I’m sure Kaden is fine, and even if the situation was not ideal I still got to hold him for the last hour; and, have a very nice conversation with my daughter-in-law.

15 minutes later, Katie and Kaden come back to the reception area. Another 20 minutes to get the prescription for the eye infection then back home.

Mea Culpa

It would seem I was not the first choice for Kaden’s middle name of Alexander.

I am quite proud of my middle name, Alexandre, as it was my grandfather’s middle name.  A good Scotsman that he was, it was spelled as Kaden’s is in the more common fashion of Alexander.  My father is a Frenchman, an Acadian to be most correct, and he agreed to the name only asking it be spelled in the French way, Alexandre.  I’ve always enjoyed it’s uncommon spelling.

Alexandre, my middle name, has always been pronounced in the English manner, and has never been enunciated as the French would typically say it.  When we asked why the spelling of Kaden’s middle name is Alexander, we were told “neither of us are French and it was Ian’s middle name”.  Ian was a good kid, Katie’s sister’s boy, gone much too early in life.

I can only aspire to be as great a grandfather as mine was, and I must start by asking: mea culpa, mea culpa, forgive me my vanity.

The Next Day

It’s now the morning of our grandson’s birth (hopefully) and after a short night of sleep it’s soon to work.

There will be pictures and more commentary to follow, maybe throughout the day (thanks to the wonders of wi-fi and iPod Touch) or it may not be until tonight.  The nurses are telling Josh and Katie that PLB will not likely be born until tonight.  Mrs.R and I will be heading to the hospital again tonight to wait for, or visit with, our grandson … our son and daughter-in-law, too.

The hospital offers a guest wi-fi service which I made use of last night, buying a 24hr. package, which was surprisingly inexpensive.  I believe most hospitals offer similar services (and it was also a contributing factor when I decided to get my iPod Touch).  Mrs.R doesn’t believe me 100% on that, but it really was part of the decision process for me.  Too practical at times, but justifying a new toy of its price range just before Christmas takes some doing, even if I am the one making the justifications to. (*grins*)

More “Live Blogging” to follow later … I really must check if that is a trademark/brand name.