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Et Tu, Bruiser?

This month has not ended very well, our Bruiser passed today while we were away.

Mrs.R and I arrived home together today and as usual proceeded to refill food bowls and put out fresh water in all the rat homes.  As we were in the middle of the boys habitats Mrs.R suddenly exclaimed, “Bruiser is dead!”  I had started at the other end of the room so I had not noticed him lying on his side at the bottom of his recently segregated level.

Bruiser had possibly re-injured his back foot two days ago as it was more swollen than usual.  He was born with a slight deformity in his left hind ankle that fused as he grew older, he never seemed to notice it. We started Bruiser on Metacam and added some antibiotics to his food as Metacam is an immunosuppressive anti-inflammatory. We had planned to take Bruiser to the vet tonight as his right eye also appeared to be slightly protruded and his breath smelled … well, it was really bad. As Mrs.R said, Bruiser did not want anything to do with being poked and prodded this time, so he made his way to the Rainbow Bridge. He will be joining his sister, Sweet Pea.

Bruiser is survived by his brother, Dash.

Bruiser RIP

Spaghetti Dinner

Here is the update to the new living arrangements: besides a very sad WiiOne (who was moved back to his old home at the end) everything seems to be going well.

Mrs.R and I had spaghetti for dinner tonight and as our usual we shared with all the rats. It is one of their favorite treats. We made sure the new boys got a bowl just for them while Bruiser made sure they knew what to do with these long wiggly strings of goodness.

The Christmas boys have not had spaghetti before and apparently they enjoy it as much as the other boys do.

Now, as I look around the room at the boys homes, I see a bunch of pasta induced sleepy rats; and, a small rat pile in the back made up of the newest boys and Mr. Bruiser.

All is good in the Rattitude rat homes.

Old Man Jeremy

‘Twas his time to leave this place,
to pass into the silence, full of grace.

He struggled and fought,
but this day no more life could be bought.

The grim reaper had come calling,
and his timing was nothing short of appalling.

His brethren made no fuss,
to them this is life and so must pass as thus.

At the bridge he now waits,
with family and friends before the pearly gates.

Our Jeremy left us today to make his way to the Rainbow Bridge.  He was the oldest and will be sorely missed.  Jeremy is survived by his brother Gordon as well as Teetu and Bruiser from the older home.  The rest of the boys paid their respects as is our custom. There have been so many … so quickly recently that I can say no more.

The prose above is for Jeremy, as written … in the here and now.

Jeremy - RIP
Jeremy - RIP

Papa Ink Passes

Inky, our oldest Berkshire pet rat took his final sleep last night. This morning at breakfast Mrs.R found Inky under the ramp, one of his favorite places, already gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

We recently moved Inky to the lower level of the “big” FN to help with his advancing age. We moved a few of the other boys in with him for company and raised the connecting ramp for safety purposes.

Teetu, Jeremy, Gordon, and Bruiser will be missing Inky. T, Jer, and Gordon were moved in with Inky for age reasons; and, Bruiser was moved in to take care of his Papa Ink. Bruiser, Inky’s son, always took care of his papa when all the boys in the big FN were living together, but it was Teetu who put up the most fuss seeing Inky leave with Mrs.R; and, he made sure she knew about it, too.

Everyone will be missing our Inky as he goes to be with his friends and family at the Rainbow Bridge. Good-bye my Inka-Ma-Rinky-Doo!