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Mrs.R has been tirelessly working on the logistics of the Star’s Rat Train. To learn more please read her recent posts here on Rattitude.com, the RatChatter.com forums, and of course at StarsRatRescue.com.

As we have volunteered to both adopt and relay some rats in need we found ourselves in need of current passports. This is generally not a real overwhelming issue but the timing could be a bit better … as it is, I am writing this post as I sit in the waiting area of my local Passport Canada Services office. All my documents are in order so it is simply a matter of waiting for my ticket to be called, speaking to an agent and paying the necessary fees.

Like other posts written from my iPhone, this one will be “published” once I have a chance to sit down at my desk and do a quick review and add a couple of appropriate links.

More to follow …