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Star’s Rat Rescue Has Babies

One of my favorite Rat Rescues is enjoying the wonders of baby rats … two litters worth actually. Brittney, the fine young lady that runs Star’s Rat Rescue, recently took in two (pregnant) female rats who gave birth to a total of 20 baby rats! You can follow along with their daily progess reports at the RatChatter forums, here are the links:

If you can make room in your heart and your home for some new born rats, please contact Star’s Rat Rescue. I am sure they would appreciate the help.

Here are a few iPapers, just to show what sweet little babies these are:

A darling pup sucking his toe

A mini rat pile with a very curious tyke
How can you resist these little ones?

Rat iPaper – Bear the Jester

Bear has been an iPaper model in the past but being as he is so photogenic here is another rat friendly ipaper featuring Bear. Bear is a special fancy pet rat kept by RatPirate on the RatChatter forums. He wasn’t feeling well of late, but appears to have made a full recovery as indicated by this iPaper.

Bear the Jester Rat
Bear the Jester Rat

A little smile for the readers of Rattitude, with so much sad news to write about lately this little guy brings a big smile. Thanks for sharing, Amber.

The Bird is Free

After a short overnight stay with Mrs.R and myself, The Bird was released outside this morning. I like the name, The Bird, simple yet not too easily attached to.

After making sure our feline friends had their breakfast this morning, I opened The Bird’s temporary home to make sure it was getting some food and water.  A very patient 10 minutes of dribbling water and food near The Bird’s beak and I was relatively satisfied something was eaten and drank.

Then to my surprise The Bird jumped up and flew through the kitchen and around the corner before unceremoniously flying into a mirrored door and ending up on the floor.  I quickly ran to pick it up as two of our cats quickly ran to investigate.  No harm … no fowl for the kitties either.  We waited about an hour or so more and made sure to give The Bird more food and water then outside we went …

The Bird in the Grass

… and of course an iPaper of The Bird perched on my finger outside …

The Bird Outside

We left The Bird near a large puddle that usually forms after a rainfall in a small quiet park area behind where we live. We saw a female robin eating and drinking nearby and felt it was the best place for The Bird to be.