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iPaper Downloads

I like the name iPaper for iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper. It seems to flow nicely, but Scribd has already put a use to the name.

Then there is iWallpaper; and, an existing iTunes application. That’s fine by me, I am not as comfortable saying that name, it fits the use but seems a bit clunky for an image.

I’m sure lots of people have tossed about some interesting naming ideas for wallpaper graphics designed for used on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Personally I am going to call mine iPapers until a better name comes along …

If you have an idea for short simple name please leave a comment.

In the meantime, if you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user, or just simply interested, please feel free to visit our Downloads page and see our Rattitude iPapers.

MobilePress plug-in added

I came across an interesting “new” plug-in for Rattitude.com named MobilePress. I like the way it looks on my iPod Touch, very clean and simple in its default format; and, it doesn’t affect the standard web browser display!

Currently, when browsing with a mobile such as a cell phone or iPhone/iPod Touch the recent posts are listed first then the pages below.

Let me know with a comment how this looks on your mobile device.