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Good Laundry Day

This was not my usual rat laundry day but this has not been a usual week either. Mrs.R and myself have been on vacation this week and aside from some unexpected medical issues it has been rather uninteresting until today.

I had just finished taking the rat laundry from the dryers and was going back to the folding counter when an immigrant family decided they needed to do their laundry in the exact same area, ignoring the other four rows of washers to choose from. I just went about my business of folding and putting the laundry back into the clean hampers. I was listening to a random shuffle on my iPod and had not really noticed the two elderly ladies that had started doing their laundry on the other side of the washer line I was at. As I removed the earphones one of them asked, “How many dogs do you have?”

She said she recognized the blankets being the same as she used for her Chihuahua. I said they were not for dogs, but were for my pets. We chatted a moment or two longer when I remembered a recent post I made and decided to push the envelope a bit more. I led in with they are for pocket pets. Her friend was quite attentively listening and asked what are pocket pets? The first lady suggested ferrets; I took the opening and said, “No, mine are rats, pet rats.”

The first lady grimaced, the second let out a little “oh” and I smiled seeing an opportunity to explain the greatness of pet rats. Given the use of the blankets for their pet dog, I used the similarity between rats and dogs. The intelligence, the train-ability, the bonding, and especially the commonality of small breeds of dogs and rats.  The first lady was still being skeptical, but starting to accept the possibility of a rat as a pet, the second lady appeared to think it was very interesting but curbed her enthusiasm as it might not sit well with the first.  I spent another five minutes or so with the ladies explaining other benefits to rat keeping, and trying to explain how there are ladies of their age (“no offense”) that breed and keep rats.  The first lady asked several times if I breed rats, which I replied each time with, “no, we are not breeders” but some of our boys have come from professional breeders.

I think it was a good laundry day and quite fortuitous to be able to try and explain the benefits of fancy rats as pets and companion animals … just like having dogs.

Wi-Fi at the Laundromat

It’s not my usual Tuesday pet rat laundry day. The Rattitude Rat rags were done yesterday. It was an uneventful exercise, except for the discovery of a completely free full strength wi-fi signal now being available.

So, here I am posting to the blog; playing some online games; and, doing a little Safari surfing of the Internet. It’s Wednesday and all is well.

Not that I am complaining, far from it; I’m just wondering who left their wi-fi on? … and by the way, thanks!


Roo, our rasta-kitty has taken to being very needy of late. This seems to coincide with his recent hair, er, I mean fur cut.

In a previous post I described how Mrs.R and myself helped Roo with his horrid mass of matted fur on his back by shaving nearly 3/4 of his back. Now, our shy skittish Roo is an insatiable scritch-aholic, taking turns going from Mrs.R to myself demanding in a most serious meow to have his back scratched.

… and every time I think we have created a monster, a Roo-monster! I also think how great it is to see Roo be this sociable, too.


Unusual Rat Laundry Day

Another Tuesday and another day of rat laundry. I do the rat laundry after work at a coin-op laundromat around the corner from our home.

Today was a bit different than usual. Usually there is no one else doing laundry at this time so all is good. I can put on a podcast or a random playlist and distract myself with some sort of application on my iPod. Today there was a family doing laundry that I had not seen before.

Now far be it for me to pass judgement on others, but I simply cannot understand how some people can apparently dress up to do chores such as laundry or groceries. This family was like that, all very well dressed, the mother, two sons, and a daughter. I just do not understand why.

What I understand less though is how these same people will give others looks of disdain and whisper behind their backs after looking at their laundered items. That is what I experienced today, or at least that is what I perceived to have happened.

Admittedly the rat laundry looks like a bunch of rags and for all intent and purpose that is exactly what they are. That does not mean I take any less care in washing, drying, folding and putting back into the hampers. I treat the rat laundry with the same care as I treat Mrs.R and my own clothes that I wash at the same laundromat.

I guess I just find it to be such a sign of either ignorance or arrogance that a simple bit of communication would have solved. The great mystery of public rat laundry.

I await the day someone asks me why am washing what I do; and, I am sure I will savor their expression when they learn my answer.

Would you ask? Leave a comment explaining how you would approach the situation.

New Living Arrangements

Today is our usual cleaning day. I’ve just finished the boys habitats and I am now sitting in their room keeping an eye and ear on them.

Today we moved WiiOne in with Dash; they get along fine normally and Dash needed the company. Wii is also much bigger than Dash so if there is any funny business from Dash, WiiOne should be able to settle him down.

We also moved the Christmas boys in with the lower two-thirds of the triple Ferret Nation to live with the boys that were living there. Also re-opening the ramp as the “older” boys still with us are doing very well.

It’s a lot more work when adding new rats in with resident rats. Besides having to do an even more thorough cleaning than usual I had to come up with some new ideas for rat furniture layouts.

So far so good. All the new arrangements seem to be working out well.

Updates to follow …

Happy New Year

2008 was the year of the Rat, 2009 is not. This is not to say 2009 will be any less interesting or less important it will simply not be a rat year.

Will I be making any new year’s resolutions? No, I have not made one in quite some time. I do not see January 1st as an auspicious date to make life decisions with. A great many people make these decisions still under the influence of the festivities of the night before.

What I will do is extend to everyone that reads this and those that do not, too: Hopes and wishes of a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year and future where you not only get what you want but also what you deserve.

Written on my iPod Touch with the help of the Christmas boys: Snuggie-bear, Starsky and Hutch (our most recent pet rats).

iPaper Downloads

I like the name iPaper for iPhone or iPod Touch wallpaper. It seems to flow nicely, but Scribd has already put a use to the name.

Then there is iWallpaper; and, an existing iTunes application. That’s fine by me, I am not as comfortable saying that name, it fits the use but seems a bit clunky for an image.

I’m sure lots of people have tossed about some interesting naming ideas for wallpaper graphics designed for used on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Personally I am going to call mine iPapers until a better name comes along …

If you have an idea for short simple name please leave a comment.

In the meantime, if you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user, or just simply interested, please feel free to visit our Downloads page and see our Rattitude iPapers.

MobilePress plug-in added

I came across an interesting “new” plug-in for Rattitude.com named MobilePress. I like the way it looks on my iPod Touch, very clean and simple in its default format; and, it doesn’t affect the standard web browser display!

Currently, when browsing with a mobile such as a cell phone or iPhone/iPod Touch the recent posts are listed first then the pages below.

Let me know with a comment how this looks on your mobile device.

The Next Day

It’s now the morning of our grandson’s birth (hopefully) and after a short night of sleep it’s soon to work.

There will be pictures and more commentary to follow, maybe throughout the day (thanks to the wonders of wi-fi and iPod Touch) or it may not be until tonight.  The nurses are telling Josh and Katie that PLB will not likely be born until tonight.  Mrs.R and I will be heading to the hospital again tonight to wait for, or visit with, our grandson … our son and daughter-in-law, too.

The hospital offers a guest wi-fi service which I made use of last night, buying a 24hr. package, which was surprisingly inexpensive.  I believe most hospitals offer similar services (and it was also a contributing factor when I decided to get my iPod Touch).  Mrs.R doesn’t believe me 100% on that, but it really was part of the decision process for me.  Too practical at times, but justifying a new toy of its price range just before Christmas takes some doing, even if I am the one making the justifications to. (*grins*)

More “Live Blogging” to follow later … I really must check if that is a trademark/brand name.