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Easter Bunnies Are Forever Pets

Although I generally write about rat related items it occurred to me as I was enjoying my Friday morning coffee that there could be some good-intentioned individuals thinking how sweet a cute little live bunny would be as an Easter present.

We, Mrs.R and I, were fortunate enough to have adopted what may have been the sweetest bunny ever, Jake the Rabbit. Jake passed a while ago and even our vet was mystified as to the cause.

Rabbits can live for quite some time, although I am not positive, 10+ years comes to mind. Given that piece of information alone, if you are considering gifting a rabbit to a friend or family member this Easter please remember you are committing that person or family to what could easily be more than ten years of their lives.

Rabbits are wonderful pets but as with all pets they deserve a forever home with people who have decided for themselves to make the time and financial commitments to care for them for the pets entire life.

What have been your experiences with gifting a pet? Did you give or receive?

You Have Got To Be Kidding

Those were the first words out of my mouth. I started the day pretty much the same as any other Monday. I woke up; made sure Mrs.R was waking up; went into the kitchen to get bowls out for Jake the rabbit and the cats morning meal.

I then went to the bakers rack in the dining room to get canned food for the cats and saw Jake laying peacefully … on his back. I thought how cute he looked sleeping on his back and stopped to watch him for a bit before waking him for his morning greens.

As I watched it became apparent very quickly that something was not right. That’s when I said aloud, “You have got to be kidding?” I leaned down to Jake calling his name and he did not even twitch a whisker. I reached out to touch him now fully expecting the worst and hoping to be startled by a hastily woken bunny.

Just as I was touching Jake’s belly, Mrs.R asked “what’s wrong?” To which I sadly replied “Jake’s dead.”