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Goodbye Mr.Moon

It was lunch time today. Moonie, or as sometimes he better answered to Mr.Moon, had gone for a swim … in his breakfast dish. We have been feeding all our rats a mixture of baby cereal and baby food from a jar for years. A bit of a daily treat if you will, but also as a means to administer medications as the case may be.

Today, like most every day, I am home for lunch to check on the boys and girls. Just because … no other reason of late. Moonie had decided it would be a good thing to take a header into his breakfast dish. Enough so that he was a semi-sticky mess and needed a “shower”. When I say shower, I mean a quick rinse under the tap with warm water then a good towel drying.

Yesterday, Mr.Moon was not quite himself but only in that he wanted to sleep more than usual and was very warm, so much so that he would lay on top of the nesting materials in his habitat, and on top of the blankets we put out for free range time. That was about all the indication that Moonie was not well. During his shower he seemed tired yet agitated. I turned off the water and let him settle down in the sink, not having planned a lunchtime shower I had not gotten out anything to dry him with and he seemed fine to sit in the sink and wait until I did. I returned a moment later, towels in hand. I picked up Moonie and just as I was about to start drying him, he took a deep breath, sighed and left for the Rainbow Bridge. It was his time.

Moonie - RIP: June 22, 2007 to Nov 4, 2009
Moonie - RIP: June 22, 2007 to Nov 4, 2009

Two Years Old

Today we mark a milestone for several of our little ones, and more to follow.

Three of our girls (IJ, BJ, and Houdini) and ten of our boys (Blackjack, Singleton, Number 8, Number 9, Ash, Remy, Minx, Moonie, Padfoot, and Prongs) turned two years old today!

One week from today, our little WiiOne will also be two years old; and, on the next day we will see another boy (Sirius Black) and five more girls (Wild Thing, Wall Flower, Ande, Cinnamon, and Sweetie) turn two years old.

Of the 23 little baby rats that came into our world that fateful week two years ago, we are still blessed with 20 little bundles of furry love. I can only hope the next year will bring us as much good tidings.

The Prodigal Sons

The prodigal sons returned home about two weeks ago. That’s how I’m going to refer to the boys as one of them carries the same name as our recently departed Minx.

A blast from the past at YouTube when the boys were babies:

It was about two years ago that we experienced our first litters of rats.  It was quite the experience and we still have most of them with us. Our daughter adopted four of the boys and named them: Mynx, Moonie, Padfoot, and Prongs.  Due to unforeseen circumstances and issues with her landlord our daughter was forced to re-home the boys.  Fortunately for us, we have room and so they are home and just re-integrated with their male siblings and cousins.